Tube, Happy 150th Birthday to you

Londoners have a love-hate relationship with the Tube. Personally, I couldn't live without it - it gets me to work, prevents me from making excuses to go to the gym, and transports me to so many cool places in and around town. Plus, it is always warm (I try to forget this is unnatural and a bit germy). It is also creaky, susceptible to major delays and 'signal failures' and packed to the rafters from Monday-Sunday whether rush or non-rush hour. Annoying.

That said, most people love the Tube and simply could not do without her. Londoners are a friendly bunch and genuinely love tourists who want to experience our great city, but we also, ahem, get a little impatient with Tube amateurs.

So, here is my quick guide for on how to use the Tube like a True Londoner - and survive.