Fashionably padded elbows at the ready

Those in the know and anyone who generally reads a newspaper or periodically flicks through a fashion magazine will know that H&M’s most exciting and long-awaited alliance to date is about to drop.

Yes, Versace’s collaboration with H&M finally hits UK stores this Thursday, 17 November. Founded by Donatella Versace’s late brother Gianni in 1978, Versace is one of the biggest-selling designer labels with eighty-two boutiques worldwide. After saying no to H&M’s approach for a collection four years ago, Donatella finally agreed. Apparently, Lady Gaga herself was the inspiration for the collection after Gaga’s excited reaction to the Versace archive earlier this year made Donatella view the designs through fresh eyes. Lucky Gaga.

I will be at a wedding on Thursday so will not be there to witness the madness that awaits each of the H&M stores that will stock the treasures. No camping outside the store the night before for me, no need to hatch a cunning plan to ensure I am first in the queue. No other dare devil escapades to bag myself a piece of the action for when luxury high-fashion designer meets high street champion. So with no sharpening of elbows or dusting off the sleeping bag required I will just have to wait and see if there is any thing left among the remnants when the hungry shoppers have finally departed. Failing that I will scoot around on eBay.

Having seen the collection online a couple of weeks ago (which includes metallic, suede and fluorescent footwear, big and bold jewellery and even home accessories) and analysed it in more detail in all its splendour in today’s Grazia magazine I am totally in two minds.

Part of me absolutely adores it. The collection certainly has not been diluted for the high street and is unmistakingly Versace. It contains shouty studded leather, exuberant prints and bags adorned with chains and gold that to me conjures up images of the ebullient '90s. It slowly creeps up on you and shouts ‘FASHION!’ really loudly in your face which I love.

Anna Dello Russo has already worn the studded leather dress at Paris Fashion Week:

Nicky Minaj, always brilliantly bonkers, wore head to toe black floral at the launch party in NYC:

Yet, part of me is still indeterminate. The printed trousers undoubtedly will look fabulous in Milan but I would feel a complete twit in clashing exotic floral prints crammed on the Victoria line with someone's armpit in my face. The shift dress embellished with studs is one of my favourite pieces for sure, but it is currently seven degrees outside and the thought of flashing my legs in that makes me feel hypothermic and in need of a blanket.

Then again I have just reviewed my previous paragraph and I am ashamed to be so staid and boring. The collection is fun, totally fashion-fabulous and brightens up the dreary world outside. How could you not smile wearing a piece of history that both you and your wallet are thankful for?

Unfortunately, I will not be part of the galloping stampede, but if anyone plans to queue up or sleep over on Thursday, could you please pick me up the  Studded Silk Shift, Miami Print Skirt and Black Silk Dress?

Please? Cheers.

See the full collection here: